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don´t you follow your leader ´cause you gotta pay attention

assassination of your mind is the thing is wants to do

check out your mind check out your mind trapped

the leader´s coming at you there´s no way for you to zap

boom! I shot the sheriff or was it even the leader

like a terrorist pumping with a shotgun blast

you got to know you got know now!

don´t you follow the leader or you won´t survive anyhow

this is the stuff that I just want to mention

don´t follow your leader cause you gotta pay attention

like a social disease like a monster he´s with you

everytime every second of the day he threatens you

swastika in disguise yeah it´s true they´re still alive

the leader is the moneyside planning your fucking suicide


plannin’ your fuckin’ suicide!

drilling killing no way you gotta be willing

to obey your fucked up leader the moneyside will treat ya

like a creature without a mind just check this or go blind

they´re gonna kill ya fill ya with their stuff this ain´t no bluff

you gotta be rough boy this is what you´re doing

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