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belonging to that proletarian society | comin’ up from that lower social status kinda shitI´m forced to submit myself to feed myself | a slave of wages to betray my own roots |I keep the motor running these people ain´t able to see | that the engine of society is kept clean by people like me |who work and work and work harder everyday | making the rich guys even richer making me instead even poorer |they´re climbing up that social ladder so I am falling down |I bring M.A.R.X into the 90´s the powers are always presentI´m the engine the gun ready to explode the steam |twenty five stories up and me at the topI´m feeling like rebellion in my homeI´m in it see I make it go up | I check flavour the smell of burnt skin | come across with revolution | ideas not mentioned bring the fall of rich | the switch in class system where the poor guys kept poor | this ain´t the way I adore | that structure only built to survive | survival of the fittest | can´t stand this anymore | we must react proletarians react | to that fact of submission | commie change of the systemand I remain with the words of Eugene O´Neill:It moves-speed-twenty-five stories up-and me at the top and bottom-movin´Youse simps don´t move. Yuh´re on´y dolls I winds up to see ´m spin. Yuh´re de garbage, get me- de leavin´s de ashes we dump over de side! Now whatta yuh gotta say?

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